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A word from JM

"I’m just a very lucky man to have had the privilege of being introduced to musical theatre and the magic of performing arts by Scott Douthit as a young student at Charles Armstrong School. Mr. D’s inspiration carried and followed me though my personal life as well as professional. Always supporting my dreams in the arts.


My most proud moment I thought was seeing him and his family in the audience of San Francisco’s legendary musical review Beach Blanket Babylon; where I was a principle actor for over six years to its closure. I was wrong, this project has been my most proud work. To have something so special, to know the subject, have lived in the presence of the subject and to know the person on a personal level was different and humbling.

I learned so many new stories and experiences that my twelve year old self never heard, but as a man I find myself still inspired by one of the most impressionable men to have ever left an impression on me.


Thank you for allowing me to impersonate and walk in your shoes, now I’ll lace up my boots and continue to follow in your footsteps. Thank you for a lifetime of support, friendship and being an example for all. I love you."

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