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Buy the Audiobook Now!

'My Dyslexic Life" is now available on all the major audiobook platforms! Click one of the links below to find it on your favorite listening app!

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Buy the Book Now!

The 'My Dyslexic Life" paperback is now available for purchase! Click one of the links below to order your own copy now!

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Video Updates

I've written this book because I want people who are going through the same problems that I did to know that they are not alone. Lacking confidence and isolation are very crippling emotions to have anyone help me a lot to know that there are other people like me out there.

Check in with us and check out our video updates!

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How You Can Help

I have hit a huge milestone and the book is finally edited! We are so thankful for the incredible help, but have not met our fundraising goal. We are now setting meetings and 'marketing' the book to publishing companies; and that all comes at a cost.
My intent is to get the book that I have written edited, published and produce on a national scale. I will also need a publicist to guide me through all the ins and outs of this process. That is why I need to raise money so I can fund, the next steps to bring this book to the national scale.

My short term goal to get to the publishing phase. Please help if you can!

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Stay Connected

Your'e an important part of my story and this journey. I love reading your stories, seeing your pictures and seeing you in person at meet ups.

Please stay connected!

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Audiobook Updates

I am very excited to announce that the audiobook of "My Dyslexic Life" is available now! 


JM Appleby (pictured left) has narrated my story in the audiobook. JM is an accomplished stage actor and teacher. He has performed with Beach Blanket Babylon and taught at Charles Armstrong School. I am honored to work with him!

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